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Q: When are WEN Talks held?
A: Talks are held at 1:00 p.m. EST and run until 3:00 p.m. EST. We send out the dates for WEN talks via email and they also can be found on our event calendar here.

Q: How much is a speaker spot for a WEN Talk?
A: For WEN members, you are granted 1 free talk in a years time span. Any additional talk after the first is $200/talk.

Q: If I talk in December for free, can I talk in January for free again?
A: No. We currently offer a free talk on a yearly basis. So if you talk in December of the 2021, you wont be eligible for another free talk until December of 2022.

Q: Are there any restrictions for my talk?
A: Your time slot will be 20 minutes. As a reminder- no pitch, no promo, no slides. You can talk about whatever topic you choose, but we do not allow our WEN-Talk speakers to use this time to generate sales. Consider your audience as your professional peers. Use your time to talk about something you would want others to learn about you. The more authentic and genuine you are with your time, the better. Tell a story that you would find interesting about your own journey.  If you have props to help you with your story, again not products for sale, but something fun that will make you memorable, you do you. You can shine and be someone people want to get to know better if you play your cards right.

Q: Can I share my contact info with the audience?
You are permitted to share your contact information at the end. Please do this. Once there is an initial connection, other members may want to contact you, and this is the real magic of the spotlight.

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